Contact info: Tamim Asfour (

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

KIT is a higher education institution and a research centre in Germany, funded by the federal government and the state of Baden-Württemberg. With almost 9,000 employees, 23,000 students, and a total annual budget of about 750 million Euros KIT is a leading university of the State of Baden-Württemberg in science and engineering as well as one of the largest national research centres in the Helmholtz Association.

KIT will take part in the project through the Chair on Humanoid Robotics Systems, High Performance Humanoid Technologies Lab (H2T), led by Tamim Asfour ( H2T has strong expertise in humanoid robotics. Specifically, the group has been working extensively on humanoid robotics towards the implementation of high performance and versatile 24/7 humanoids able to predict, act and interact in the real world and perform a wide variety of tasks. The major research topics of the group include humanoid mechatronics and design, grasping and dexterous manipulation, goal-directed imitation learning, active vision and active touch, multimodal exploration, modelling and analysis of human motion, software and hardware architectures and system integration.

Role in I-SUPPORT:

  • KIT will lead WP5.
  • KIT will contribute to the project with its expertise in learning motion primitives from human demonstration and kinaesthetic teaching, the representation, sequencing and sensory-based adaptation of such primitives to new tasks.
  • KIT will develop a library of motion primitives for soft robot arms, investigate how they can be adapted to new situations and user preferences and evaluate the motion library in the context of washing and drying tasks.
  • KIT will also contribute to the project with its strong expertise in grasping and dexterous manipulation based on the fusion of vision, haptic and force sensory information as well as in system integration.