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Robotnik Automation

Robotnik Automation is a Spanish SME founded in 2002, and is mainly dedicated to the development of robotics related products; R&D projects as well as robotic engineering services.

Main specialties are:

  • Autonomous indoor transport robots and field service robotics applications.
  • Robotics products (mobile robots, robot arms, robotic hands and humanoids).
  • R&D Robotics projects and special robot systems design.

Robotnik offers high-quality services for national and international reach and are certified in:

  • ISO 9001:08 – Design, manufacturing and commercialization of products and systems based on robotics technology.
  • UNE 166002:06 – R&D management in the development of projects in the field of robotics.

Role in I-SUPPORT:

  • Robotnik is the overall project Coordinator.
  • Robotnik is in charge of the adaptation, instrumentation, low-level control and integration of the motorized chair.
  • Robotnik is charge of waterproofing the h/w equipment (including the depth sensors).
  • Robotnik is in charge of performing the safety engineering tasks related to the mechanical and electrical components and according to the corresponding IO standards guidelines.
  • Robotnik is the Exploitation Manager and Leader of WP7. They will carry out market monitoring activities and coordinate the formulation of exploitation plans with the collaboration of all other partners.