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T. Alexandridis & CO Omega Technology (Omega)

Founded in 1985, Omega Technology is an experienced and well known IT provider company in Greece. The Company serves Greek public bodies, enterprises and other organizations with technology and services made possible by its 28 years of experience. Its solutions include 3D applications, assisted living solutions, tailor-made applications for people with disabilities, as well as e-learning platforms, e-commerce applications, document and knowledge management

systems. The company provides expertise in Systems Integration and Communications as well as practical expertise in the fields of technical validation. The company additionally offers a broad range of management and services including consulting, research and development, digitization, annotation and preservation of content, hardware supply and technical support. The company‘s research department is active in the R&D arena, in close cooperation with Academia and Research Institutes, running several R&D projects and market validation projects.

Role in I-SUPPORT:

With its long experience and know-how in integration tasks, OMEGA will contribute to the following technical tasks of ISUPPORT project:

  • Manage WP2. Design the overall architecture of the I-SUPPORT system as a whole.
  • Perform software integration of the I-SUPPORT system, by employing ROS to ensure that the heterogeneous s/w modules seamlessly interface and communicate with each other. All s/w modules, including those providing the basic architectures and those providing for the real-time control of I-SUPPORT (such as reading of sensor data, sensor fusion, tracking, motion planning and collision avoidance, knowledge management, learning, human-robot interaction) will be properly implemented into a set of libraries efficiently interfacing the ROS architecture functionalities.
  • Adaptation of a commercial wireless handle/sensor and its integration into the system. The sensor will be used for tele-manipulation of the soft-robotic arm in a master/slave mode.
  • OMEGA will act as the Quality Manager in WP8 and will also coordinate the dissemination planning of the project.